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PayPulse Surveys are a fast response compensation survey service providing you the opportunity to gather affordable, timely market pricing pay data for a small number of jobs with a specific comparison group. Results are available from four weeks when invitations are sent.


Denarius' PayPulse Surveys provide the benefits of independent third party data collection, prompt turn-around of survey requests, and easy to use procedures for survey sponsors and participants.


Fees are based on an hourly rate for each hour worked. Contact us for more information or a fee estimate.


"It's a great way to verify existing market surveys, or to discover whether the market is trending. Also a great way to be responsive to management."

"I find the Pay Pulse Surveys valuable and an accurate, legal way to find out market pay conditions rather than trying to call around"

Survey Planning Tool

Thinking about conducting a compensation survey and not quite sure how to go about it? Download a free copy of Denarius Human Resources Inc.'s compensation survey planner. pdf




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