The Story of Denarius
The inspiration for the name of Denarius Human Resources, Inc. comes from a parable which is among the first documented employment relationship problems. The story goes like this:

Denarius Coin Early one morning an owner of a vineyard hired a worker to toil in the vineyard for the day. They reached an agreement that a fair wage for the day's work would be one denarius, the Roman coin used then, payable at day's end.

At mid-day, the vineyard owner hired a second worker, agreeing with him also on a wage of one denarius for the reminder of the day. Still later, a third worker is hired under the same terms.

The end of the day came, and it was time for the employer to pay his workforce. Each received one denarius as agreed to. But the first worker, on learning of the wages paid to both the second and third, objected. "I worked a full twelve hours, yet I was paid the same as the others who worked less time than me! That's unfair!" The second employee was quick to add, "And I worked longer than the third employee hired. It's unfair that I don't get paid more than him." But, the vineyard employer responded: "You agreed to your wage when you were hired, and you considered it fair then. You should have no complaint. And, besides, I own the vineyard, and I can do with it as I please."

In many ways the story of the three vineyard workers and their employer is repeated daily in 21st century organizations. Helping companies manage the complexities and competitive realities of the employment relationship to satisfying ends for both employers and employees is the business of Denarius Human Resources, Inc.